¿Cual es la razón por la cual en Pitchforkmedia creen prácticamente arruinado el (casi) excelente e inmejorable cartel del Coachella 2007?

Rage will headline the festival's final night, April 29, while Björk will headline on Friday, April 27 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Saturday, April 28. (Ugh Why do the Red Hot Chili Peppers always have to come around and ruin these sorts of things?) Link

No podría estar mas de acuerdo con ellos, pero en VICE magazine y su edición dedicada al odio encontré buenas razones.

Dear Vice,

I hate it when people throw their cigarette butts in the street. That asinine sense of entitlement is some selfish bullshit and is symbolic of thinking that someone else is responsible for keeping this place a beautiful one to live in. Same goes for gum. Chew it and smoke it all you want, but own your trash. And I hate it when people aren't nice to each other. I shouldn't even say that's what I hate, because I don't hate it. I just really like it when people are nice to each other. And the thing I really love is when people who you expect to be hateful towards each other do the opposite.

Anthony (Kiedis)

¿Como se puede respetar a alguien que odia tan mal?