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Grafica ->Creatures in my head

"In a time when US military and economic leadership faces unprecedented criticism around the world, it is our belief that air guitar represents the one field of human endeavor that our country can dominate without controversy. The US Air Guitar Championships is here to make this possible." AirGuitar Championships

"They worked hard in the kitchens. They dreamed of rap superstardom. Blasting out of the streets of Chinatown, the gates of Hell have opened and The Notorious MSG have been reborn with a vengeance. Servin' up deep-fried beats straight from the Chinese ghetto, they will not be stopped until they achieve complete musical destruction." Notorious MSG

NYC 2123, El comic cyberpunk con licencia Creative Commons, ya van por la 5ta edición.

Get amen my brother? El break mas famoso de la historia

Funk de verdad, Un video de Breakestra - 2na El camino a la iluminación está en el funk